Big Sur

I just came back from a great trip to California. I went there to attend the Sea Otter Classic festival and do a couple more photoshoots as well. Since I was already there I took some time off to enjoy the amazing California coast. One of the days I headed south with my friend Israel […]


Last year I went to Zillertal to snowboard and shoot for a week. During all those days we had amazing weather but no new snow. It’s great that my friends are locals there and know all the good spots to get powder even a week after the last snow fall. On this photo you can […]

BIKE 253

This is the photo and the final layout of the cover shot for BIKE issue 253. The photo was processed using the great VSCO Film.

New project

I’m working on a new snowboard photography project. It’s still on the works so I don’t want to reveal much until I have everything sorted out. I already have a name for it: The Eight. The design is still on the works as well but the main logo and image are already done. Here is […]

Afternoon Sessions

One of my problems is I have many ideas and projects but leave many of them half way through. I decided I have to finish what I start, so I started with this video I had filmed but never edited. i went with Alvaro Valades from I Love my Board, Sergio Jimenez and Fernando Ramirez […]

Sergio Muñoz

Skateboarder Sergio Muñoz doing a 360 flip at the Red Bull Skate Arcade final that took place on September 29, 2012 in the Welcome Skatepark, close to Madrid. He was the winner for the final event and had the opportunity to travel to California, along with two more winners from the same contest on other […]

Tom Ritchey

During Eurobike I got to meet a mountain bike legend, Tom Ritchey. He was a pioneer and created the famous component and bike brand named after him, Ritchey. I only had a couple minutes to shoot a portrait of him. I told him where I wanted to shoot and he noticed I was using the […]

Mala Sangre Tattoo

A few days ago I went with my friend Gonzalo to a Tattoo place called Mala Sangre in Madrid to get the second session for his tattoo. I had never shot a tattoo artist before, so I asked him if it was ok for me to shoot while he was working. He had no problem […]

Túnel del Tiempo

I’m not a big fan of shooting still life photography but in my daily work I have to do it quite often. A few issues ago the editors at BIKE decided to make a new section called Túnel del Tiempo (Time Tunnel) which I really enjoy preparing and shooting. The idea for the section is […]

Old school snowboarding rocks

A month ago I went to the Pyrenees with a few friends and my partner at PlayGround to shoot some pictures at a couple of resorts that had bought rails this season. We had two good sessions there with amazing weather, each day at one resort. On the second day I got this pic of […]

Improve your photos by understanding the sport you are portraying

To be able to properly shoot action sports there is one thing really important that has nothing to do with photography itself. That is understanding the sport you are shooting. All these action sports (skateboarding, snowboarding, bmx, etc.) have a culture around them that you have to know to succeed in representing them properly. You […]

New blog and site

After some time thinking about moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress I finally decided to do it. I’ve been a while searching for options because I wanted to move my whole page, not just the blog, so I needed some plugin to create the galleries for my portfolio. I ended up finding a very […]

Navacerrada Jib Show Contest

This past weekend I went to the Navacerrada Jib Show Contest, organized by DakTak and sponsored by PlayGround, Levi’s and Puerto de Navacerrada. RedBull also helped bringing along it’s classic Hummer with a DJ and two girls offering drinks to everyone. I went to the contest only for shooting (I didn’t even take my snowboard) […]

Iker Casillas

For the first SportLife issue of 2012 they wanted to feature Iker Casillas, Spanish soccer superstar, to promote CrossFit, a fitness system currently being promoted by Reebok. So for this cover they contacted me and we went to Ciudad Deportiva del Real Madrid, the place where Real Madrid trains to shoot. We had to set […]


Two weeks ago I went to help Marlett on her last wedding she designed and organized. While setting up I did some filming and shooting for her to have images to show to future clients. This video is a little sample of how the event went.


Agents is one of those topics that everyone into photography runs into sooner or later. At first everyone thinks having an agent is a reason for not caring anymore about marketing and self promotion, but it couldn’t be farther from reality. I’m going to tell you my story and maybe it can help you at […]


A while back I went to La Tabacalera to film some skateboarding with a few friends. I had in mind mixing stills and video in the edit so I also shot some sequences to include in the video. I haven’t finished editing yet but here are a couple of stills out of those sequences. In […]

Trail running

Two weeks ago I went to Cuenca, Spain to shoot some trailrunning photos for the current issue of SportLife with Angel and Mario Llorens. They are from the city of Cuenca and know the surroundings well as they train there everyday so we went to several good spots to shoot. Here are two photos from […]

Creative Light 13′ Boom

At the end of last year I went on a photoshoot with my friend Cesar Lloreda to shoot Nekane de Blas, a very good dancer from Bilbao but who is living in Madrid. We had the opportunity to use an old flat in a building that was about to be restored and we jumped on […]

Surfing in Panama

Back in September my friend Cesar Pons went to Panama with the guys at Cece to film some longboard surfing. When he came back I did this little editing of all the footage he brought. I’ve had the video running around my hard drives and never got to upload it and share it, so finally […]

Camera Raw cache

Today I’m spending a lot of time in from of the computer processing images with Lightroom so while doing that I started to think about ways to speed Lightroom up. One thing that came to my mind was cache. In Photoshop I know how to increase cache and have it on a different drive, but […]


Yesterday afternoon I went to La Tabacalera to film some skateboarding in the indoor miniramp with my friends Álvaro, Yeyo and Kcol. This is a pic I shot while filming and soon I’ll post the video.

Acute B600 AirS video

A couple weeks ago I shot with my friend Cesar Lloreda a video showing how to use the Profoto Acute B600 AirS and the Air Sync. We are collaborating with Innovafoto, distributor in Spain of all the Profoto products. The video is for the Spanish speaking photogs so it’s all in Spanish. We’ll be posting […]

The force behind

It’s Saturday. I have been all day in front of the computer doing editing for a last minute video job that I shot yesterday. To be able to do that job I had to push back 25 product shots that have to ready for early Monday morning. As I finish this editing I have to […]

¡Una sonrisa!

On the current issue of BIKE, which is number 221, I have a feature article on photography and mountain biking. The article is about the basics to help people with no photography knowledge to take some pics while riding with their friends. I also wrote some tips and some gear recommendations. If you live in […]

Lights Pt. II – Profoto Acute B600

So as you read on Pt. I of this series of posts I ended up buying the Profoto Acute B600. I’ve already been using it for six months now and I’m more than happy with it. There are a few reasons for this. My not so new now Profoto Acute B600. – The first one […]


Yesterday I had my first paid job shooting video with the HDSLR. Although I have been shooting quite a lot of video lately I was still a bit nervous as what the outcome would be. Now that I have all my footage in my computer and being converted right now to Prores 422 to be […]

Dead Tracks

Around a month and a half ago I bought a Canon EOS 7D. I got it to use it as a back up body and for filming video as well. Previously I had a EOS Rebel T1i (aka. 500D in Europe) but its video capabilities weren’t that great because it lacks manual settings. I’ve been […]

Lights Pt. I – Choices

Equipment is a big part of professional photography. Every photographer (or at least I know I am) is constantly thinking about new stuff. Whether it is a new camera, lenses or any other type of accessory. One thing I’ve always had in my head is lights. There is a big debate in the photography community […]

Big changes

I have been away of the blog for a while. It wasn’t intended at first but ended up being the right thing to do. I’ve been busy working and also thinking a lot about my photography business, creativity and the next steps I want to take in my life. I needed some time off to […]